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Road Signs

Mandatory Signs

Straight Prohibited or no entry

One way signs-vehicles prohibited in one direction

Vehicles prohibited in both direction

All vehicles prohibited

Trucks prohibited

Cycles prohibited

Horns prohibited

Bullock carts and hand
carts direction

Bullock carts direction

Tongas direction

Hand carts direction

Pedestrians prohibited

Right turn prohibited

Left turn prohibited

U- turn prohibited

Overtaking prohibited

No Parking

No stopping or standing

Speed limit

Width limit

Height limit

Length limit

Load limit

Axle load limit

Compulsory bus stop

Restriction ends sign

Compulsory cycle track

Compulsory sound horn

Compulsory keep left

Compulsory turn left

Compulsory turn right ahead

Compulsory ahead or turn right

Compulsory ahead or turn left

Compulsory ahead


Give way


Cautionary Signs

Right hand curve

Left hand curve

Right hair pin bend

Left hair pin bend

Right reverse bend

Left reverse bend

Steep ascent

Steep descent

Narrow road ahead

Road wideness ahead

Narrow Bridge

Slippery Road

Loose Gravel

Cycle Crossing

Pedestrian Crossing

School Ahead

Men at Work


Falling Rocks


Cross Road

Gap in Median

Side Road Right

Side Road Left





Staggered Intersection

Staggered Intersection

Major road ahead

Major road ahead


Dangerous dip

Hump or rough road

Barrier ahead

200 meters

50-100 meters

200 meters

50-100 meters


Informatory Signs

Advanced direction sign

Re-assurance sign

Destination sign

Direction sign

Place identification sign

First aid post

Public telephone

Petrol pump


Resting place

Eating place

First-aid post

No through road

No through side road

Park this Side

Parking both sides

Parking lot Scooters and motorcycle

Parking lot Cycles

Parking lot Taxis

Parking lot Auto rickshaws

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