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Procedure regarding Foreigner's Registration & Visa Extension

Documents Required:

1.      Application Particulars Form (for Registration/Visa Extension)

2.      Surety Bond

3.      Residence proof of surety (Ration Card/Voter Card or any other residence proof)

4.      Photocopy of Passport

5.      Photocopy of Visa

6.      Two Passport size Photographs

7.      Receipt of State Bank of India (in case of late Registration/Visa extension only)

Registration is required for:


a)      All foreigners including foreigners of Indian origin visiting India on long term (more than 180days) Student visa (S) (including those coming for study of Yoga, Vedic Culture, Indian system of dance and music), Research Visa (R), Employment Visa (E) and Missionary Visa (M) will be required to get themselves registered with concerned Registration Officer within 14 days of his/her first arrival, irrespective of the duration of their stay.

b)      Foreigners coming to India on Medical Visa (M) or Medical Attendant (MX) Visa are also required to register themselves with the concerned Registration Officer within 14 days of arrival of arrival irrespective of the duration of stay.

c)      Foreigners visiting India on other categories of long term visa including business/Entry (X) visa would not require registration with the concerned FRROs /FROs if, repeat if duration of his/her stay does not exceed 180 days on a single visit. In case a foreigner intends to stay for more than 180 days on a single visit he should get himself registered well before the expiry of 180 days.

d)      Pakistan Nationals are required to register within 24 hours and Afghanistan Nationals are required to register within 7 days of their arrival in India.

e)      Registration facilities are not provided at the airport and are carried out in the office of FRROs or District Superintendent of Police (FROs).

f)       Children below 16 years of age do not require registration on any type of VISA.

 Penalty for late Registration


Though no fee is required to be paid for registration, yet a penalty in Indian currency equivalent to US $ 30 in case of late registration is charged.

1 to 90 days = US $ 30,  91 to 365 days = US $ 130, One Year above = US $ 230

Forms and Fees Detail :-


New Registration


Delayed Registration


Extension of Visa


Registration of Pakistani/Bangladesh Nationals

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