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Personal safety away from home

1. As far as possible, avoid short-cuts through dimly lit by lanes and fields 
On the streets, walk facing the traffic to avoid any vehicle approaching you from behind to commit any offence 
2. If a vehicle approaches you and you feel threatened, raise an alarm and run away in the opposite direction.  Immediately make a note of the vehicle number and description of the vehicle 
3. Do not accept lift from strangers 
4. As far as possible walk along with the crowd than walking alone 
5. Cover your adorned jewellery 
6. Avoid walking on the streets late night 
7. If you are carrying a hand bag keep it close to your body and in front 
8. If you suspect somebody following you on foot, run to nearest place where there will be other people and plenty of light. If you suspect he is still following you, call the Police (Dial 100) as soon as possible from a safe place 
9. If you are in the habit of going for jogging or work in the morning, please change your route frequently 
10. To instil confidence in yourself, you can think of attending some self defence classes and carry some safety alarms 
11. In bus stops, mix with people and avoid isolated bus stops 
12. If the buses are empty sit near the Driver or Conductor 
13. While travelling in Train, Don't lean out, avoid beggars, avoid eatables from strangers, fasten your luggage properly

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