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This District came into existence as 16th District of Punjab on 5.11.1995 vide Punjab Govt. notification No.2/44/94-RB-II (I)/10038 with great efforts Sh.Dilbagh Singh who rose from an ordinary citizen to a great leader. On 27/09/2008, Hon'ble Chief Minister, Punjab, while addressing a state level rally at Khatkar Kalan, the native village of Shahid-e-Azam Sardar Bhagat Singh on the occasion of national level function to conclude the Birth Centenary celebrations of the great martyr made the announcement of changing the name of district from Nawanshahr to "Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar". Notification (No. 19/7/07-LR-IV/7929) to this effect was issued on 29/09/2008. 
District Police Structure:- 


Police Station

Police Post




1. City NSR
2. Sadar NSR
3. Rahon
4. NRI SBS Nagar

1. Jadla

2. Shakhemazara(Temp.)

1. Nawanshahr
2. Aur

1. Nawanshahr
2. Rahon


1. Balachaur
2. Kathgarh
3. Pojewal

1. Asron (Temp.)

1. Balachaur
2. Saroya

1. Balachaur


1. Sadar Banga
2. City Banga 
3. Behram
4. Mukandpur

1. Katarian (Temp.)
2. Mehli (Temp.)
3. Aur

1. Banga

1. Banga

 There are two Sub-divisions and 468 villages in this district. Small towns like Banga, Rahon, Balachaur, Aur, Pojewal and Bhaddi also consist in this District. There is three Sub-Divisions namely Nawanshahar, Balachaur and Banga (Temp.) in this district.. 
Historical Backgrounds :- 
In the past times this town was called 'Naushera', with the passage of time it become ‘Nawanshahar’ and  its new name ‘Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar’ came into existence on 29.09.08. There is one belief regarding this district that people due to scare from flood from Sutlej river left the Rahon town and start residing at Nawanshahar. Place where people migrated from Rahon were settled was called Neevan Shahar which later known as Nawanshahar and now Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar. 
Geographical situation :- 
Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar situated at the North area of India.
Area :-
Area of this district is 1,27,755 hectares. 
Population :- 
According to the census of 2001 the population of this district is 6,01720.
Boundary :- 
District Ludhiana and Ropar are situated at the East and South side of this district. River Sutlej is a natural boundary of this side. Phillaur Tehsil of district Jalandhar, Tehsil Garhshanker of district Hoshiarpur, Tehsil Anandpur Sahib of district Ropar are touching the boundary of this district. Most of the population of this is residing in America, Canada, United Kingdom and other countries of the Europe. Railway Stations and railway lines was set-up in this district during 1914. For the purpose of traffic and transportation of material through rail this district is joint with Rahon, Jalandhar, Jaijon and Phagwara. Rice,wheat, maize and sugar are sent to other part of India from this district.
Land of patriots :- 
The land of this district is known as the land of patriot. Great patriot and renown Shaheed which is not only known in India but in the entire world that is Shaheed Bhagat Singh also belong to this district and on the name of that great patriot name of district has been changed to Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar on 29.09.08. This land is also known as the land of Babbars. Many Babbars sacrificed their lives for the freedom of this country. Sh.Kishan Singh, Sh.Ajit Singh and Sh.Swaran Singh, father and uncles of Shaheed Bhagat Singh respectively also took active parts in the struggle of freedom of India.

Industries :- 
Doaba Co-operative Sugar Mill, D.C.M. factory Asron, Engineering Products Asron, Swaraj Mazda Asron, MAX India and Ranbaxy are the major industries of this district. Fooder cutting industry located at Chak Bilga Behram is the oldest factory of the country and exported its fooder cutting machines to other countries of the world. 
Offices :- 
Offices of Deputy Commissioner, Sub-Divisional Magistrate and Judicial Courts are located on Nawanshahar - Chandigarh road. Office of Senior Superintendent of Police is situated at Nawanshahar-Rahon road. 
Historical Town Rahon :- 
Rahon is the oldest city of India. Its Govt. High School is one of the oldest School in India. Many prominent personalities of undivided Punjab have studied in this School. This town was the last town of Maharaja Ranjit Singh Raj. This town was abolished many time due to natural calamities like flood etc. Important religious places like Suraj Kund, Qilla, Shiv Dayal Mandir, Panj Tirath Mandir etc. are locating there. There are about 101 old and historical temples. According to Hindu believes there is complete one Kund is at Rahon out of total 2-1/2 Kunds in India. 
Saran Pojewal :- 
Pojewal Saran was built by Pandit Punnu Ram Dharmi resident village Mazara. People in various trades used to stay in this Saran during the visit in connection with trade activities. This saran is very beautiful.  
Kathgarh :- 
This town is situated at Balachaur-Ropar road. Its first name was Khanpur. There being a kill of wood, its name came as Kathgarh. Still this town is surrounded by various type of trees. 
Name Balachaur was kept after the name of Baba Balraj who was great Saint of that time. A big wrestler from all over India comes here. 
Banga :- 
Guru Hargobind Sahib the 6th Guru of the Sikh visited this town and a renown Gurudwara named Charan Kamal has been set-up in this town. This town is also known for making utensils.

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