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Police Good Work Done
Sr.No. Date Brief 
1. 09.04.17 Action against Gangsters: - Two gangsters were arrested and recovered 03 Pistols, 18 Cartridges and 01 Swift car.
2. 21.04.17 Gangster Nachhitar Singh was arrested and recovered 01 Desi Katta, 01 Cartridge, 250 ML Intoxicant liquid.
3. 23.04.17 Case FIR No. 46 dated 23.04.2017 u/s 15/25/29-61-85 NDPS Act PS Sadar NSR has been registered and 02 accused were arrested, recovered 60 Kg Poppy Husk
4. 29.04.17 Master mind of Nabha Jail Break Sulakhan Singh @ Babbar Sultan was arrested at bus stand NSR.
5. 26.05.17 Three accused were arrested within twelve hours and recovered two pistols, four cartridges who were involved in snatching Swift Desire Car from Ludhiana
6. 01.06.17 On Anti Tobacco day, a drama played at Adarsh Senior Secondary School, Khatkar Kalan, SBS Nagar
7. 03.06.17 Action against Terrorists : - In case FIR No. 28 dated 03.06.2017 u/s 121,121-A IPC, 25 Arms Act, 15,16,17,18 unlawfully activities Act  PS Pojewal has been registered and 03 accused were arrested and recovered 02 Pistols, 17 cartridges.
8. 05.06.17 Case FIR No. 44 dated 05.06.2017 u/s 121,121-A IPC, 25 Arms Act, 10,13 Unlawfully activities act PS Mukandpur and 06 accused were arrested with 03 Pistols, 14 cartridges.
9. 14.06.17 SBS Nagar Nagar got first place in Punjab in Passport Verification, All Verification are done under 7 days
10. 30.06.17 Anti Drug Rally has been flagged by  SSP SBS Nagar started from SSP office to City Nawanshahar
11 05.07.17 5 accused were arrested in case FIR No. 80 dated 05.07.17 u/s 379/411 IPC PS City NSR and recovered 14 Stolen M/Cycles / Scooters and solved 14 cases.
12. 09.07.17 Case FIR No. 100 dated 09.07.17 u/s 61-1-14 Excise Act PS Balachaur has been registered and recovered 39,60,000 ML Liquor
13. 21.07.17 On an information two minor school girls were missing from Balachaur. Their dead bodies were recovered under canal bridge Balachaur. This blind case was solved and three accused were arrested.
14. 04.08.17 Under Green Plantation day, numbers of trees has been planted in the different places of this district.
15. 10.08.17 01 accused was arrested in case FIR No. 102 dated 10.08.2017 u/s 379,411 IPC PS City NSR and recovered 10 stolen M/cycles and solved 10 cases.
16. 23.08.17 Case FIR No. 43 dated 23.08.2017 u/s 61-1-14 Excise Act PS Pojewal has been registered and recovered 1,80,000 ML Liquor
17. 07.09.17 Three accused were snatched a car from Taxi Stand Balachaur, District Police were arrested within 24 hours and recovered snatched Indigo Car.
18. 25.09.17 "Swachhta Hi Sewa  Campaign"  Under the guidelines by SSP SBS Nagar has been celebrated in district SBS Nagar
19. 02.03.17 to 29.10.17 176 PO's were arrested/deleted during the period of 02.03.2017 to . 29.10.2017
20. 10.12.17

Traffic Awareness Camp Organized by Traffic Education Cell Nawanshahar at Adarsh School, Vill. Nawan Gran, Pojewal 

21. 18.12.17 On Pensioner Day SSP/S.B.S. Nagar held a meeting with retired Punjab Police Officer/Officials and member were honored by W/SSP S.B.S.  Nagar
22. 24.02.18 Seminar on Stress Management & Health for District Police has been organized by expert Doctors and SSP/S.B.S. Nagar at KC College Nawanshahar
23. 23.04.18 to 30.04.18 29th Road Safety Week has been organized by District Traffic Education Cell at various places of District.
24. 26.05.18 W/SSP S.B.S Nagar  and SP/HQ Sh.Harish Dayama,IPS start Carrier Counseling Seminars for the Wards of the Police Officer/Officials at KC College Nanwanshahar 
25. - W/SSP S.B.S Nagar  and SP/HQ Sh.Harish Dayama,IPS start Women Self Defence Programme and more than 1500 girls were given basic self defence training.
26. 12.08.18 In case FIR 141 dated 12.08.18 PS City Nawanshahr u/s 458/459/460 IPC was traced and arrested three accused.
27. 27.04.19 In case FIR 63 dated 27.04.19 PS City Nawanshahr u/s 387 IPC was traced and arrested three accused. Out of which one accused has 8 FIR in different Police station and other has 2 FIR in PS City NSR
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