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Attention Pedestrians

● Walk on the foot path. 
● In the absence of a foot path, walk on the extreme right of the road so that you may see to on coming traffic in front and may hear the sound of the traffic behind you. 
● At night, wear white or carry something white. 
● Cross roads at Pedestrians (Zebra) crossings over bridges or sub ways. 
● Before you cross the road look your right, left and again to your right sides. 
● You should know your way before taking a turn or going across. Proceed decidedly, making sure that you do not come in anyone's way. 
● Follow the electrical traffic signals or the police man' s direction and then cross the road. 
● Keep your presence of mind when you are on the road. 
● You should readily help the children, the aged, the ailing, the injured and the blind in crossing a road. 
● While crossing a road, make sure that you can se the road clearly. Don't try to find your way among the stalled vehicles.


● Do not run on roads

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